• Customer Integrated Management Platform, for major short-term insurer

    Assisted our client to implement their customer service strategy. This entailed introducing organisational changes to support new processes and technologies for customer interactions across multiple channels. To ensure delivery of the project’s strategic goals, we defined the business need and the solution approach. Business requirements were aligned with the provision of IT solutions and we established and managed the project’s governance criteria.

    This has ensured that our client’s strategic direction is supported by the transformed operating environment.


  • Television Broadcast Management Solution for a national broadcaster

    Recovered a failed R100 million initiative to transform the television broadcast management function. We developed the solution approach and established programme governance. New business architecture was developed to align with defined business needs. We managed the selection of a COTS application, implemented the solution, and developed a framework to measure and monitor business benefits.

    The project was successfully delivered R10 million under budget.


  • Integrated Sales & Service Platform for major bank

    Successfully integrated more than 20 disparate desks in the Contact Centre, underpinned by the development and implementation of a new Integrated Sales and Service Platform. This was based on a bespoke solution that replaced a legacy mainframe application. This project initiative had failed twice previously. Our successful recovery of the project was primarily achieved by applying rigorous project governance and precise requirements engineering.

    Investment made in the previously failed initiatives was leveraged to fast track the successful new implementation and reduce the costs of redevelopment.


  • Integrated Customer Platform for major bank

    For the bank’s customer service channels, we developed the solution strategy and business requirements for re-engineering and implementing an integrated service delivery model. We established the governance framework for the programme and assured alignment of the IT implementation strategy with the business concept and delivery roadmap.

    We successfully implemented the first release of an integrated front-end Contact Centre solution. The achievements ensured that the bank’s service delivery model was aligned with IT.


  • Integrated Finance Programme for major bank

    We led a programme of six projects to re-architect and enhance the group-wide Finance function. Improved processes were implemented through best-of-breed COTS applications and the creation of a new data mart for financial information.

    By introducing rigorous programme governance across the overall project, we were able to redirect unfocused investment. This ensured that the benefits realised were aligned to the bank’s business goals and stakeholder expectations.

    Within two years we had empowered the bank’s in-house resources to continue to manage the programme independently of external consultants.


  • Basel II Risk Management Platform for major bank

    Established the Quantitative Analytics project within the Basel II Programme with a budget of approximately R70 million. This included establishing the Solutions Design and Requirements Engineering disciplines for the project and management of third party suppliers including specialist risk management consultants, software and hardware vendors. In addition, Tharollo Consulting managed a knowledge and skills transfer programme to handover the project to in-house bank resources.

    The bank was able to meet the SARB regulatory requirements within the aggressive timeframes required and well within the anticipated budget.


  • Contact Centre Implementation for major rewards organisation

    Tharollo Consulting successfully managed the creation of a new in-house Contact Centre. The programme established robust programme governance and managed a large group of disparate local and international teams. We developed the business requirements, defined a business architecture aligned with the business strategy, assessed and selected vendor solutions and implemented and deployed a total solution incorporating major back-end integration to legacy systems.

    We provided mentoring for the project team and managed organisational change. We also managed building the Contact Centre facility including its design, fit-out, building infrastructure, and procurement.

    Despite internal and external experts claiming that it could not be achieved, the entire project was completed successfully within 16 weeks to meet the customer’s strategic imperative. The final implementation became a key reference site for the international solution vendor.