Conducting Complexity and Creating Harmony

Achievement of our clients’ business requirements is the hallmark of all our engagements
We specialise in business-driven solutions that place the organisation’s objectives at the heart of every endeavour. We are a team of highly experienced, delivery-driven professionals committed to achieving results that are on budget, on time and to specification for all of our clients.
We partner with our clients to ensure that their business requirements are translated into pragmatic and relevant solutions. Our client portfolio spans 17 years and includes major players in the banking, insurance and telecommunications industries. We specialise in complex and large-scale IT-based projects.

A Symphony of Success

Our ability to provide good governance and pragmatic delivery assures that your project is a success
Managing any business endeavour is much like conducting a full orchestra. The most beautiful composition will unravel if the musicians fail to play the music as it was meant to be heard. It is the conductor’s ability to translate the musical score and beat the time of the music that brings together the final symphony in a moment of perfection.

In business, a brilliant vision requires not only talented individuals to play their part but also good governance to bring together each strategic element to create that symphony of success. Tharollo Consulting’s role is to articulate executive requirements in order to pragmatically identify the most appropriate best-practice solutions. By bridging the gap between the strategic vision and the execution, we can ensure your
orchestra plays their symphony to perfection.

Working Together in Harmony

We have an impeccable track record of on-time, on spec and within-budget projects – we have been able to achieve these criteria in every project since we formed in 1997
The key to achieving a harmonic symphony lies in the collaboration between the conductor and the musicians, instruments and notes. We work closely with our clients to determine project specifications and how we can best use technology to achieve the end results.
We offer the exceptional skills of our world class professional consultants. Our collaborative and multi-faceted approach assures that we provide competent, efficient, and credible expertise.
Tharollo Consulting’s services are founded on the principles of good governance, customer engagement and an emphasis on relationship building. This affords us the ability to apply global best-practice methodologies in business architecture, solutions engineering, requirements engineering, project and risk management, as well as business and data analysis.