Delivering strategic projects that create competitive advantage

In terms of project success, the initial Chaos Report revealed only 1 in 6 were delivered on-time, on-budget, and with functions working as first specified

A successful strategic project is one that reinforces the organisation’s competitive advantage and delivers tangible benefits to all stakeholders. Tharollo Consulting assures this outcome.

Chaos in strategic projects

From assessments of 8 380 software development projects, the first Chaos Report from the Standish Group in 1995 found that only 16.2% of the projects could be considered a success.

The most recent Report indicates a 2012 success rate of 39%. But many billions of dollars were still allocated to projects that were cancelled
(18%) or fell short of expectations and overran budgets and time (43%).

Employ methodologies that deliver successful strategic projects

A pragmatic approach based on industry best practices will ensure project success

When selecting a methodology, organisations must consider factors that will influence success:

  • Maturity of the organisation
  • Business and technical risks
  • Extent to which requirements are known
  • Ability to make appropriate trade-off decisions as the project unfolds
  • Scale of the solution and its effect on the business
  • Degree of innovation required
Project Assurance eliminates delivery uncertainty and ensures that your people, processes and solutions are enabled to meet expectations
from the outset through to completion.

Invest in the skills essential for project success

Investment in skills will produce higher throughput, faster response to competitors and cut the costs of unnecessary work

Aligned with the right methodology, we deploy the right skills through various resourcing models to ensure the success of strategic projects:

  • Project risk is minimised by prioritising and sequencing business needs
  • Incremental business results are rapidly delivered throughout the project
  • Overall costs are reduced through improved efficiency
  • Tangible benefits to all stakeholders are apparent sooner
  • Competitive advantage is reinforced