Implementing learning programmes that uplift our client’s delivery capability

The debilitating shortage of appropriately skilled business analysts and project managers is one of the primary reasons for recurring project failure within South Africa

Across South Africa, organisations are faced with a serious skills problem. This undermines an organisation’s critical ability to create and sustain its competitive advantage through the successful delivery of business initiatives that produce real competitive advantage. Organisations with the highest chance of achieving consistent project success are those that actively invest in enriching and retaining the skills of their business analysts and project managers.

Tharollo Consulting adopts a hands-on approach to mentoring business analysts and project managers so that the investment yields exceptional return. Our Capability Development offering achieves higher project throughput, faster opportunity analysis, greater credibility and increased performance levels.

Working within a structured project framework, we can assess delivery teams, evaluate how to effectively leverage skills and knowledge into
continuing operational excellence, plan and implement targeted investment in business analysts and project managers, and continuously
identify and measure the benefits of each phase of the programme.

We ‘coach the project’ and ensure that your project team define, plan and execute the project according to key metrics that will ensure its success

Our experience has shown us that if an initiative’s vision is well articulated and reflected accurately in the project’s goal, objectives and scope, a project has a dramatically increased likelihood of success. We’ve therefore developed our Premium Service offering, to leverage this and our success in on-the-job training .

Tharollo Consulting will also help you to acquire excellent talent to complement your delivery teams using our unique method to assess both hard and soft skills that are essential in determining the real ability of the candidate to perform his role according to your company’s specific requirements.