Building competitive advantage with business analytics

It is now cost-effective to interrogate massive amounts of data very quickly and in multiple ways to improve the accuracy of strategic decision-making and to maximise the ROI of strategic projects

Music, like business, is immensely complex. Our Advanced Business Analytics offering is a means of translating the chaos and complexity of immense and often unstructured data into something meaningful.

We help out client’s move from hindsight to insight – and on to foresight thereby building real competitive advantage. We can leverage Big Data quickly and in multiple ways to provide unequivocal insights that will lead to more accurately informed business decisions.

This can be summarised as the Five V’s of Big Data: Volume, Velocity, Variety, Validity and Value.

Tharollo Consulting combines best practice methodologies with pragmatic experience in the areas of customer experience management as well as project and risk management, to offer our Advanced Customer Data Analytics (ACDCA) solution which provides prescriptive customer
analytics that can deliver step-by-step analyses into any given cause, effect, action and outcome.

We provide an inclusive, commercially-focused approach to implementing advanced business analytics projects

Our ACDA solution draws insight from data sets and translates it into valuable ‘must knows’ for customer-centricity, namely revenue and profitability, behaviour, lifecycle, migration and predictive churn. It works with numerous statistical dimensions to interrogate massive volumes of relevant data quickly and in a variety of ways in order to generate accurate customer insights and inform strategic business decisions.

We guarantee that organisations can predict and implement strategic and organisational change in a way that maximises ROI, identifies levels
of profitability, drives product development and enables strategic, customer-centric decisions.