• Leadership Roles and Management Roles

    What are they, how do they differ, and what part do they each play in the delivery of successful IT-based projects?

    Orchestrating project success means delivering the ‘Vital Five’ (VF). All successful projects fulfil the objectives of their vision, motivation, action, timeline, and budget.

    On completion, successful projects contribute to building the company of tomorrow, reinforcing its competitive advantage in an ongoing cycle of positive evolution.



  • Where do business analysts belong?

    In project management, what skills do analysts need and how must they contribute to assuring project success?

    A business analyst (BA) must be a major contributor in the management of IT-based projects that deliver all the required functionality, are completed on time, and within budget – a successful project.



  • Bridging the divide: solving the disconnect between IT and Business

    The BA must act as a bridge for two-way communication between IT and the business objectives it supports.

    The primary role of a business analyst (BA) is to define a company’s challenges and specify how best to resolve them using IT-based solutions. The BA must also be able to identify commercial opportunities and define how to leverage them with IT.



  • Monetising big data

    Local company, Tharollo believes its Advanced Customer Data Analytics (Acda) solution has the ability to monetise big data by turning analysis into competitive advantage.

    In an interview with ITWeb, Tharollo directors Glenda Wheeler and Carn Iverson revealed that Acda provides accurate insights into the customer base to guide business decisions that will increase revenue and profitability.